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Add the Magic Answer button to your favorite role playing game for a whole new perspective on decision making. Ask "should I stay and battle the dragon?" Then press the button! The only limit is your imagination.

Mr. Magic provides all the responses, and best enjoyed with an open mind and a big smile on your face.

Start the Fun! Choose a Game.

Hide several Magic Answer buttons around the house for everyone to find. Everyone brings a button they find the “Prize Person” and presses it once! If the button reveals a "YES", they win a special prize AND the Magic Answer button! If the button reveals a "NO", they STILL win the Magic Answer button!!

Sit in a circle with friends and pass the Magic Answer button around the circle. Once you have it, pick a person, pick a Silly FUN thing for them to do and press the button!

If the Magic Answer button gives a “YES” answer, then that person has to do it!

Try stuff like:
  Get your friends to pretend they’re dinosaurs!
  Talk like pirates!
  Sing your favorite song!
  Act out your favorite movie scene!
  Pretend you’re a cartoon character!
  Make a silly face!
  Make a funny noise!
  Do an impression!
  Show everyone a magic trick!
  Try to juggle!
  Or just DANCE!
  Be Silly! Have FUN!

A game for a whole group of friends, or a party! Each person takes a turn telling a story!

First, pick a character, a place and a thing that happens to that character, such as: “Once there was a princess that lived in a castle!” Pass the button to someone else!

Next, ask a “YES or NO” question about the story, such as: “Is the princess going to travel to the moon?” Then press the Magic Answer button!

If the button gives a “YES” answer, they get to continue the story!

If the button says NO or another answer, pass the button, the next person can try!

Keep going until you’ve created an Awesome story with your friends!

A race against time!

Use any device for a timer like a phone, tablet or stopwatch! Set the timer for 60 seconds, 90 or 500 seconds!

The person holding the button has to ask “Magic Answer button, can I pass you to _____?” If YES, PASS IT! Hurry!

If NO or another answer, pick someone else; ask and PRESS again! Anyone holding the button too long is OUT! Pass it to another person! Last person holding the Magic Answer button when the time runs out, WINS!

Or try the Musical Magic Answer button game:

Same rules! Start your favorite song! When the song ends, the person holding the Magic Answer button WINS!